[Bro] SSL/TLS parameters used in Bro, Broccoli

Hilko Bengen bengen--bro at hilluzination.de
Thu Nov 5 08:22:48 PST 2015


in Debian/unstable (and probably elsewhere) support for SSLv3 has been
dropped: SSLv3_method(), SSLv3_server_method(), SSLv3_client_method()
are no longer available. This leads to build failures with at least bro
and broccoli (see

What should SSLv3_method() in SSL_CTX_new(SSLv3_method()) be replaced
with? Would SSLv23_method() which is still available and (according to
the OpenSSL documentation) means support for SSLv2, 3 and TLSv1, 1.1,
1.2 appropriate?


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