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There are no errors as far as I can tell. I use a python script to generate my feeds but I also tried it on the mal-dnssearch feeds which are pre-formatted. In both cases, I am only successful on domains not IPs. Both have the same tab separation and header delineation.


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for URLs there is an important detail I missed the first time, when I used the intel framework. The documentation says: Intel::URL - A complete URL _without_ the prefix "http://".

However, IPs worked for me without any problem. Did you see any errors in the logs regarding the intel-files you use? Depending on how you generate your feeds the intel linter (https://github.com/packetsled/bro_intel_linter) might be helpful for you.

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I have been using Bro's intel framework to input my intelligence feed and get matches in intel.log. I seem to only be getting hits on domains but not IPs or URLs. I have also tried it on the mal-dnssearch feeds with the same results. Is there any particular reason why this would happen? How can I fix it?


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