[Bro] Bro -> Elastic Search -> Kibana Issues | Default Analyzed Fields

Arash Fallah af7 at umbc.edu
Mon Oct 26 11:50:03 PDT 2015

I am having an issue when trying to process Bro data through Elastic Search
and Kibana.

Specifically, I am doing basic quantitative statistics such as pulling the
Top 5 Originating IP's addresses by id_orig_h. However, Elastic Search and
Kibana breaks apart this field as shown below in the screenshot linked


Basically, for some strings, the default Elastic Search analyzer will
segment them into different pieces based on the "." character. For example, will be broken apart into 130, 85, 12, and 80. This is because
in the Core Type mappings, the not index attribute is not explicitly set to
no (it defaults to yes). There is no way to adjust this for existing fields.

Here is the current mapping created by Bro:

"id.resp_h" : {
       "type" : "string"

It should be:

"id.resp_h" : {
       "type" : "string"
        "index": "not_analyzed"

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