[Bro] using bro for file extraction

Earl Eiland earl.eiland at root9b.com
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Hello, Stephen.

Your code will work with minimal tweaking.


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I have examples of this at:


The plugins directory has examples of running external scripts on the extracted files. Check out the ones that store files by their hash names.

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Hello Earl:

Are you attempting to do post processing on the file after it is fully extracted with Bro via a third party script? If so, you may want to tap into the file_state_remove event. I have an example of what this looks like here if you scroll to the bottom.


Hope that helps,

On Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 2:17 PM, Earl Eiland <earl.eiland at root9b.com<mailto:earl.eiland at root9b.com>> wrote:
I want to use bro to extract files for external analysis.  Bro::FileDataEvent appears to be the proper approach.  However, I’m not finding the event to write a script for, nor do I know how to write to anything other than a log file.

Please advise!

Best Regards,

Earl Eiland,
Sr. Cyber Security Engineer,
Emerging Technologies, root9B,
San Antonio, Texas

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