[Bro] deterministic uids

Frank Meier franky.meier.1 at gmx.de
Mon Sep 21 07:09:06 PDT 2015


Is there any reason why uids in bro are partly random and not just a 
of the meta information of the flow? When I restart Bro with the same 
I have to make sure to set the seed file to get the same uids.

I would just compute a hash over time, source-host, source-port, 
destination host, 
destination port and protocol:

event new_connection(c: connection) {
	c$uid = md5_hash(c$start_time, c$id$orig_h, c$id$orig_p, c$id$resp_h, 

A disadvantage would be, that the length of the hash is not 
configurable anymore.

Any ideas why this is a bad idea?



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