[Bro] Assertion failure, Tag.cc

Michael Fry michael.fry at morphick.com
Tue Apr 5 07:04:18 PDT 2016

Hi All,

Has anyone encountered the assertion failure below with Bro 2.4.1? This is
happening with live traffic at least a couple times a day since upgrading
from Bro 2.3.2. I didn't see anything the bug tracker, so thought I'd float
it here first.

listening on zc:99 at 1, capture length 8192 bytes

1459786307.312525 processing suspended
1459786307.312525 processing continued
1459802619.911190 Failed to open GeoIP City database:
1459802619.911190 Fell back to GeoIP Country database
1459802619.911190 Failed to open GeoIP Cityv6 database:
bro: /home/mfry/dev/bro24/bro-2.4.1/src/Tag.cc:72: EnumVal*
Tag::AsEnumVal(EnumType*) const: Assertion `type == 0 && subtype == 0'
/opt/bro/share/broctl/scripts/run-bro: line 100: 11312 Aborted
    (core dumped) nohup ${pin_command} $pin_cpu "$mybro" "$@"

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