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We are using Endace cards which are quite a bit more pricey, but we are actively looking at the Myricom cards now.

My advice – get the Myricom cards.  While you can do pfring using standard cards, nothing beats the low to no capture loss hardware.  The ability to do onboard load distribution with multiple sub interfaces is a killer feature and your Bro config is greatly simplified.  We use a patched version of libpacap for Endace.. but I hear that 2.5 may incorporate native Myricom support.

Without cards like these it is like getting a new mustang but skimping on the powertrain options.

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I’m wondering what people are using for network cards in their bro clusters that are not using the Myricom Network Cards. We don’t have a $1,000 dollars per a card + license to spend on the cards. Is anyone using Intel or other brands that aren’t as expensive to capture their traffic? We are looking at doing all 10 Gig connections into the Bro Cluster.

Thanks for all your answers.

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