[Bro] Fwd: Undefined symbol while writing an analyzer

Luis Martin Liras martin.liras at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 08:46:43 PDT 2016

Hey guys,

I would really appreciate some help on this.

I think I can reduce the source of the problem to two points:

- A namespace problem. I have revised my code and does not find anything 
wrong. I'll keep checking
- A linkage problem:

To compile the plugin I followed the instructions of the "Writing Bro 
Plugins" documentation guide. In the Plugins.cc file instantiated of the 
Analyzer and included "Myprotocol.h", which had been previously created 
with binpac_Quickstart's start.py

However the Makefile and configure files were created with the 
"init-plugin" script. Do you know if I have to modify anything in the 
Makefile to build a protocol analyzer plugin?

Unfortunately in the "Writing Bro plugins" documentation page, the 
"Protocol Analyzers" section is empty...

Hope you can help me.

Best reagards!

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Subject: 	Undefined symbol while writing an analyzer
Date: 	Wed, 20 Apr 2016 11:48:12 +0200
From: 	Luis Martin <martin.liras at gmail.com>
To: 	bro at bro.org


I'm quite new in bro, but I'm trying to develop an analyzer as a plugin 
(Not an easy task), using the modbus analyzer as a starting point.

I have passed through all the steps and everything seem to be OK: It 
compiled OK and Bro detects the plugin and its events when run with the 
-NN option

  However when I try to register my analyzer:

Analyzer::register_for_ports(Analyzer::ANALYZER_UMAS, ports);

I get the following error:

../build/src/bro: symbol lookup error: 
<http://UMAS-UNITY.linux-x86_64.so>: undefined symbol: 

Is necessary to declare ANALYZER_UMAS anywhere?.

How could I debug this error?.

Anyone who has an idea could help me ?

Thanks !

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