[Bro] Using workers without SSH possible?

Sven Dreyer sven at dreyer-net.de
Thu Apr 28 06:43:10 PDT 2016


Am 27.04.2016 um 14:57 schrieb Glenn Forbes Fleming Larratt:
> Doesn't rsync default to using ssh as its transport? Also, I'm not sure
> how using rsync vs. ssh improves things in the face of slow and
> unreliable networking between nodes; can you elaborate?

I thought of locally collecting bro logs and have a cron job 
transferring the log file(s) in regular intervals. If the network is 
down for 5 minutes, no problem, the log files will be transferred the 
next time the cronjob runs.

if you use "rsync -e ssh", rsync uses SSH as transport, that's correct. 
But rsync has a standalone daemon mode and does not need SSH to be used.


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