[Bro] Host Key Verification Failed

Dane Wullen brot212 at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 3 03:59:53 PDT 2016

Hello there,

I've tried to install Bro on a Ubuntu 16.04 virtual machine (VirtualBox)
with following guide:


After the installation, I started broctl and tryped "install", but I
reveiced an error message:

Host key verification failed.
Error: cannot create (some of the) directories
on node bro

I want to run Bro on a single machine (so no cluster at all), I
checked the node.cfg, it looks like this:


Of course I installed a SSH Server (apt-get install openssh-server),
and successfully connected to my VM with several divices.

There was a common problem in this Mailing-List, but unfortunatly it
remaind unsolved...


I'm new to linux and bro, also, english is not my native language, so
please forgive me my faults. :)

I would be glad to hear from you guys!

Thanks alot!

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