[Bro] question about plugin init

Dk Jack dnj0496 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 19:05:49 PDT 2016

I am trying write a bro analyzer plugin. My directory structure for my
plugin is shown below.
My scripts __load__.bro loads my init.bro and analyzer/test/test.bro. My
test.bro file registers
for 'event bro_init' in which I am registering for some ports. Even though
I can see both my bro
scripts are loaded in loaded_scripts.log, my bro_init event is never
triggered and hence I never
register for my ports. I can it's not being invoked because, my print in
that function don't show
and up and it doesn't complain even if I put syntactically incorrect code
in my bro_init function.
Could someone shed some light on why my bro_init event is not getting
triggered or if I am
doing something wrong. Thanks.


|-- __bro_plugin__
|-- lib
|   |-- analyzer-test.linux-x86_64.so
|   `-- bif
|       |-- __load__.bro
|       |-- events.bif.bro
|       `-- test.bif.bro
`-- scripts
    |-- __load__.bro
    |-- analyzer
    |   `-- test
    |       |-- __load__.bro
    |       `-- test.bro
    `-- init.bro
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