[Bro] Bro connections v. NetFlow

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We set our routers to export flows after one minute if they’re still in progress (it’ll continue to send a flow export every minute until it’s complete). More info here:


https://www.manageengine.com/products/netflow/help/cisco-netflow/cisco-ios-netflow.html (“ip flow-cache timeout active 1” is the command to use)


This means that, AFAIUI, Netflow can be made to be more timely than Bro. Bro will only output a bro_conn when the flow has been deemed to have finished.


Also, Netflow exports are unidirectional – you get separate flow exports for A->B and B->A. With Bro, a bro_conn logs traffic in both directions.




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Netflow connections are generally logged and a new connection recorded if they exceed 30 minutes.  That’s one.



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On August 24, 2016 at 1:45:07 PM, Navraj Singh (navraj42 at gmail.com) wrote:



I was wondering what some major differences are between the concept of a 'connection' in Bro and a a 'flow' in NetFlow. Or are they essentially the same concept? If this requires a detailed answer, a reference would be very helpful!


Thank you!

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