[Bro] huge weird.log/conn.log

erik clark philosnef at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 05:47:02 PST 2016

I have two bro sensors. One is running 2.5, one is running 2.4.1. Both are
running on the same link off the tap.

The weird.log on the 2.5 box is 6 times bigger than the weird.log on the
2.4.1 log. Any idea why this might be? How can I troubleshoot this.

My conn.log is 3 times bigger. For reference:

conn.log -> 2.5 (45 minutes) 17 gig
conn.log -> 2.4.1 (45 min) 5.5 gig

weird.log -> 2.5 (45 minutes) 11 gig
weird.log -> 2.4.1 (45 minutes) 1.2 gig

These numbers seem to be WAY off. I have no idea how to even try and parse
this to see what is going on.

Packet loss on 2.4.1 is 6%
Packet loss on 2.5 is 1%.
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