[Bro] Communications with Broccoli

Alberto Ciolini albertociolini92 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 00:03:50 PST 2016

Good evening everyone. I am a computer engineering student at the
University of Florence and I was assigned a project for my thesis.
Basically I have 2 devices, udoo board and OpenMote, which must communicate
with each other. OpenMote is my sensor network and udoo is my base station.
So when OpenMote detects something odd in the network sends a signal to the
base station. My problem is that OpenMote is a small device with low memory
and little RAM which requires flash to load programs written in C
exclusively. So as you understand I cannot install completely Bro but I
have to work through the Broccoli library and I don't know how to write the
program that does what I wrote above. Do you have any idea?
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