[Bro] one bro manager, multiple node.cfgs

erik clark philosnef at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 05:32:10 PST 2016

Is it possible to push multiple node.cfgs out to separate clusters from one
manager? I want to have different loggers for different sets of hosts in
different clusters, and having one manager for each set of hosts in each
cluster would be ideal. E.g.:

cluster 1
proxy 1
worker 1
proxy 2
worker 2
logger 1

cluster 2
proxy 1
worker 1
proxy 2
worker 2
logger 2

This would be with a single manager. The reason for this is because I would
be managing hosts in different clusters with vastly different
traffic/traffic profiles, and I don't want to comingle it on a single
logger. If they log separately, then I can winnow out what traffic came
from which tap.

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