[Bro] Communications with Broccoli

Johanna Amann johanna at icir.org
Wed Dec 7 12:44:02 PST 2016

Hi Albert,

Broccoli is only a communication library for talking with Bro; it itself
does not do any detection. So even if you could compile broccoli on your
OpenMote (which I doubt a little bit), it would not do any traffic

Apart from that I doubt we are supporting the protocols spoken in such
networks (assuming it uses zigbee or sth. like that).

So - you probably have to write something yourself here, unless I
misunderstand your use-case.


On Wed, Dec 07, 2016 at 09:03:50AM +0100, Alberto Ciolini wrote:
> Good evening everyone. I am a computer engineering student at the
> University of Florence and I was assigned a project for my thesis.
> Basically I have 2 devices, udoo board and OpenMote, which must communicate
> with each other. OpenMote is my sensor network and udoo is my base station.
> So when OpenMote detects something odd in the network sends a signal to the
> base station. My problem is that OpenMote is a small device with low memory
> and little RAM which requires flash to load programs written in C
> exclusively. So as you understand I cannot install completely Bro but I
> have to work through the Broccoli library and I don't know how to write the
> program that does what I wrote above. Do you have any idea?

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