[Bro] trying to read space separate file to bro

김희철 hckim at narusec.com
Mon Jan 18 23:48:46 PST 2016

I am trying to read file which has space separate

I add     redef separator = " " ; but it's gave me some errors

error: ./aaa.txt/Input::READER_ASCII: Did not find requested field sip in
input data file ./aaa.txt.

error: ./aaa.txt/Input::READER_ASCII: Init: cannot open ./aaa.txt; headers
are incorrect

error: ./aaa.txt/Input::READER_ASCII: Init failed

if aaa.txt is tsv file and with out redef separator, it works fine

Is there a way to read a file which is not tsv

here is my sample aaa.txt and bro script


#fields sip sport dip dport 61711 22

bro script

export {

type Val: record {

sip: addr;

sport: port;

dip: addr;

dport: port;


redef Input::separator = " ";


event TEST(description: Input::EventDescription, tpe: Input::Event, sip:
addr, sport: port, dip: addr, dport: port){

print fmt("%s %d %s %d",sip,sport,dip,dport);


event bro_init()


print fmt("test");

Input::add_event([$source="./aaa.txt", $name="test", $fields=Val, $ev=TEST


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