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On 2016-01-25 15:21, Brandon Glaze wrote: 

> James, I have had really good luck with the Netronome NFE-3240 NIC's. I have only run them to 20Gbps each. Their NFP-6xxx series have multiple 100Gb or 40Gb interfaces, and their support is awesome (they helped me build my Bro servers initially).
> The Berkeley Lab 100Gb bro sensors (search for 100GIntrusionDetection) used Myricom 10GPCIE28C22+ cards, and their PDF has all the configs (plus its a great practical research and proof of concept paper). I am sure Myricom has 40Gb cards, but you would have to research it. 
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> On Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 1:39 PM, James Lay <jlay at slave-tothe-box.net> wrote:
>> Hey All,
>> Topic says it....sizing up for capturing LAN traffic...thinking a 40 or
>> even 100 gig nic.  This would be a single machine doing nothing else but
>> bro.  Thanks for any assistance.
>> James
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Wonderful information...thanks so much. 

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