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Nash, Paul Paul.Nash at tufts.edu
Tue Jan 26 12:12:32 PST 2016

Of note - we ran into some problems with an AMD setup.  Others can chime in with more detail, but the synopsis was that the AMD cores run at a slower clock speed and just can’t keep up with the amount of data coming in.  For reference, it was a 64core AMD Opteron system w/128gb of ram.  I’m in the process of horse trading the AMD box for a 32core Intel Xeon system that should be able to better keep up with the data coming in.  We were pushing ~1.2gbs and the manager couldn’t keep up and would slowly consume all memory.


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>And on the heels of the NIC question, how about hardware experiences?  
>I'm looking at the PCIE2 NIC's at both Myricom and Netronome....any 
>recommends for the server hardware to wrap around these cards?  The plan 
>is to have this machine monitor a corporate LAN...lot's of traffic.  
>Guessing the team will want to go Dell if that helps.  Thanks for the 
>advice all.
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