[Bro] Monitor the traffic to qemu

Christian Struck struck at ICSI.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Jan 28 08:05:25 PST 2016


On 28.01.2016 16:45, mahboobe daftari wrote:
> Hello,
> I have Ubuntu installed as a host system with Debian running as the
> guest system on qemu. I need to send created traffic from the host to an
> Apache web server installed on the guest and monitor this traffic using
> bro which is installed on the host.
> What is the best way to make this connection? I would really appreciate
> if you could provide me with a link or something on how to make
> the bridge. I have tried several ways but haven't been successful yet!

I think you could just tap bro to the virtual ethernet interface of your
VM, I'm not very familiar with using only QEMU but I think the
networking section in their documentation should help you. There is also
a monitoring subsection.


Best regards


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