[Bro] Bro Not Extracting Host Fields from HTTP Traffic

Arash Fallah af7 at umbc.edu
Tue Jul 12 08:16:06 PDT 2016

I'm having an issue where Bro is not extracting the host field correctly
from captured HTTP traffic (in the form of a PCAP). I've verified it has
nothing to do with split-routing. I also manually examined the PCAP file
using Wireshark and found the host field to be present in all instances. I
am a bit puzzled. This is significant for our use case because we will be
using Bro to monitor for malicious URLs and the like.

I have my http.log, weird.log, and the PCAP file itself. Unfortunately, I
cannot attach the PCAP due to its size and the mail list rejecting the
message. Please reply and I will send the PCAP individually.

Any advice is appreciated.
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