[Bro] Bro and PF_Ring

Clark Gaylord cgaylord at vt.edu
Tue Jul 19 06:54:29 PDT 2016

On Jul 18, 2016 16:18, "Azoff, Justin S" <jazoff at illinois.edu> wrote:
> It sounds like you are building and installing bro on the worker nodes a
well as on the manager nodes.  You only need to install bro on the manager
node.  broctl copies the bro installation to each worker node for you.
> 3) install bro on the manager
> If you are missing the pf_ring libraries on the manager that will cause
the manager binary to not be linked against pf_ring.

Making sure I follow you: And hence the binary distributed to the workers
by the manager will not pick up those libraries, even though they do exist
on the worker?

Clark Gaylord
cgaylord at vt.edu
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