[Bro] Revisiting CEF formatted BRO Logs

Ludwig Goon lagoon7 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 07:53:45 PDT 2016

Can someone from the community provide more information or examples of
using log writer to create CEF formatted logs for consumption with Arcsight

it seems that we can not customize arcsight connectors for BRO logs however
since arcsight can accept CEF events directly I would like to experiment
with directly sending CEF formatted BRO events from the standard log set.

Additionally I have 5 BRO sensors and would like to tag each event with the
BRO sensor's hostname before sending it to arc sight. The default logs do
not allow that modification and documentation is not the greatest. If you
want to do this in Arcsight via the connector, which is a version or two
behind, the connector will not allow the adding of the hostname.

So I have attempted to write PERL and PYTHON converters but the performance
of tailing logs and sending all events is challenging.

Also using brocut requires scripting and again not sure if I am sending ALL
log events.

In previous questions to the forum the answer was using the logging
framework however I have not seen anymore content on this subject. Thus
here is my formal request:

Can someone show how to use the logging framework to convert or have bro
output the http.log into CEF format? Also can I add custom fields such as
sensor-name and the end of the event or at the beginning near CEF:0.
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