[Bro] memory q.

Johanna Amann johanna at icir.org
Mon Jun 20 11:36:26 PDT 2016

Hello D,

thank you for your analysis. I took a look at the leaks you found and
think the first two are indeed memory leaks; this is fixed in
a156f2b4e63d64b3cbe888e8cb88f1c05d3e7b86 (see
https://bro-tracker.atlassian.net/browse/BIT-1633 to track the merge

I think the last one is not a memory leak:

> 3) NFA_State::DeepCopy() (NFA.cc:58)
>    Valgrind Stack:
>    ---------------
>    96 bytes in 1 blocks are possibly lost in loss record 3,374 of 6,072
>    at 0x4C2B0E0: operator new(unsigned long)
>    by 0x5CEDB0: NFA_State::DeepCopy() (NFA.cc:58)
>    by 0x5CF305: NFA_Machine::DuplicateMachine() (NFA.cc:210)
>    by 0x5CF63B: NFA_Machine::MakeRepl(int, int) (NFA.cc:252)
>    by 0x53B648: RE_parse() (re-parse.y:76)
>    by 0x5DD449: Specific_RE_Matcher::CompileSet(charPList const&,
> ptr_compat_intList const&) (RE.cc:142)
>    Comments:
>    ---------
>     - New NFA_State allocate in DeepCopy function is not freed.
>     - The pointer is saved in 'mark' member variable. However, in
> ClearMarks function
>       the member is clear is simply cleared without freeing the pointer.

DeepCopy is only called when creating a new NFA_Machine in
DuplicateMachine. The pointer of the DeepCopy is stored in the first_state
member of NFA_Machine, which is Unref'd in NFA.cc:160. So I think this
seems fine.

Thanks again,

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