[Bro] Bro Cluster using Vagrant Issues

Christopher De Jesus chrisoname at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 13:01:12 PST 2016

Hello, my name is Christopher and I’m doing undergrad research using Bro to
make an IDS for one of the servers of my mentor.

One of my first approaches was to start doing this video:

in which it setups a cluster using Vagrant. I’ve been struggling for at
least 5 days trying to make it work. I’ve changed permissions, ssh-keys,

The thing is that every time is use ‘broctl’ and do ‘install’ or ‘deploy’
on it.. it says this:

Permission denied (publickey,password).

Error: cannot create (some of the) directories
/nsm/bro,/nsm/bro/logs,/nsm/bro/spool,/nsm/bro/spool/tmp on node worker-1

 I used this site to install bro on Ubuntu of Vagrant:


 So yeah, apparently my host doesn’t have control over its slaves even tho’
I could ping to it. I used for the host and for the
slave in the Vagrantfile.

Any other information that you guys need, let me know. This is pretty much
the overview of what i’ve done. Thank you in advance.
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