[Bro] Gentoo Package - Include Failure of CAF

Matthias Vallentin vallentin at icir.org
Sat Mar 12 16:53:41 PST 2016

The CAF ebuild looks good to me. The deprecation warnings arise because
of the combination of Broker 0.4 with CAF >= 0.14. If you want a stable
release, you would have to use the following combination:

    Bro 2.4.1 + Broker 0.4 + CAF 0.13.2

And as mentioned in an earlier email, for the next release Bro 2.5, it
would be Broker 0.5 and CAF 0.15.

I don't have a gentoo installation handy so that I could further debug
the issue with the symlinked .sh file. Would you mind giving us a bit
more insight in to that error?


On Sat, Mar 12, 2016 at 10:32:47PM +0100, M.B. wrote:
> Hello Matthias,
> >> I've created a package for the actor-framework and the its libs can be
> >> found in /usr/lib/libcaf_{io,core}.so.0.14.4; its headers can be found
> >> in /usr/include/caf.
> > 
> > That sounds right. Would you mind sharing the CAF ebuild with us?
> Sure thing; it's preliminary and can be found in my fork of the Gentoo
> tree along with the bro ebuild:
> https://github.com/gentoo/gentoo/compare/master...tomboy-64:bro
> It supports multilib and works (relatively) fine; lots of deprecation
> warnings, though.
> It doesn't support next, riaf and cash yet - I still need to create
> ebuilds for those.
> >> However, while compiling broker, the file
> >> caf/detail/abstract_uniform_type_info.hpp cannot be found. Is there
> >> some magic involved regarding the passing on of include files to the
> >> actual compile of broker?
> > 
> > The reason why this fails is because
> > caf/detail/abstract_uniform_type_info.hpp has been removed with the 0.14
> > releases. The current Broker release 0.4 does not support CAF 0.14.
> > Broker 0.4 requires CAF 0.13.2. However, the master branch of Broker
> > supports 0.14. 
> > 
> > We're currently in the process of porting Broker to 0.15, which Bro 2.5
> > will depend on. Sorry about the inconvenience.
> No worries. As long as you eventually present me with a version that
> builds against a specific version of CAF, I'm a happy camper.
> You might, however, try the Bro ebuild; there's a minor warning about a
> symlinked .sh in the end. Not sure whether that's because of the
> explicitely passed spool directory?
> However, I will only push it into the tree once I'm convinced that it's
> ready for end users.
> With kind regards,
> tomboy64

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