[Bro] Fwd: Re: Gentoo Package - Include Failure of CAF

Matthias Vallentin vallentin at icir.org
Mon Mar 14 10:43:42 PDT 2016

> This was a misunderstanding; I meant the internal deprecation warnings
> that arise when compiling CAF 0.14.4. CAF's 0.13.2 build.log is
> completely devoid of that.

Ah, okay. Thanks for clarifying.

> See attached bro-swig-python-failure.log.
> [..]
> The install phase is listed in attached bro-warning.log. 

I cannot uncompress what you have attached. Various combinations of tar
switches seem to fail [1]. Feel free to send the relevant part of the
log file inline. As long as we're not talking multiple MBs, you can also
send plain text attachments to the list.


[1] https://xkcd.com/1168/

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