[Bro] Requesting some pointers- Adding a new protocol to BRO- Facing problems

Aniket Savanand aniketpsavanand at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 17:43:08 PDT 2016


I am trying to write a new protocol AMQP to the BRO.
So I wrote analyzer files for AMQP by referring to the existing protocols
files written in src/analyzer/protocol.
I build and installed it correctly. and even tried to detect AMQP traffic
using BRO.
But this case BRO does not.

Where would be wrong? is it the correct way to add new protocol/analyzer to
the BRO?

Could you point me to right direction.

Aniket Savanand

*Regards, *
*Aniket Savanand,*
*MS Software Engineering 2016,*
*San Jose State University, CA*
*Email <aniket.savanand at sjsu.edu> **Cellphone- +1-669-226-8162*
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