[Bro] Question regarding leaking file descriptors

Art Maddalena art.maddalena at teamaol.com
Mon May 9 05:58:48 PDT 2016


We are having a problem with leaking file descriptors when using
ActiveHTTP.  We do see the temporary files being deleted, but lsof shows
the files not closed, so we eventually run out of file descriptors.

*Sample Output:*

bro     10687 root 1016r   REG              253,0       283     57148394
/tmp/bro-activehttp-qque3JKygsj_body (deleted)

bro     10687 root 1017r   REG              253,0       131     57148392
/tmp/bro-activehttp-qque3JKygsj_headers (deleted)

bro     10687 root 1018r   REG              253,0       348     57148398
/tmp/bro-activehttp-nhBlB9hVchg_body (deleted)

bro     10687 root 1019r   REG              253,0       131     57148396
/tmp/bro-activehttp-nhBlB9hVchg_headers (deleted)

Our code is at:


We are using bro 2.4.1. Is this a known issue or do we need to change the
code somehow?

Thank you for your help!

Art Maddalena, CISSP
Sr. Technical Security Engineer // *AOL*
o: 703.265.2292
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