[Bro] Bro Roadmap and Linux Distro Compatibility

Gary Faulkner gfaulkner.nsm at gmail.com
Tue May 31 09:48:24 PDT 2016

I'm about to build a couple more worker nodes and it got me wondering 
whether I should migrate to a newer Linux distro. My current cluster is 
running on RHEL 6.x, but over the past couple years I've noticed changes 
to Bro that temporarily required installing newer versions of CMake than 
RHEL 6.x originally supported. RHEL 6.x eventually broke the mold of not 
breaking binary compatibility around RHEL 6.6 and moved to a newer CMake 
which made the RHEL packaged CMake Bro compatible once again. As such 
I'm wondering if there is anything in the pipeline that would break 
compatibility a properly updated RHEL 6.x/Centos6.x. I'd rather not 
maintain separate versions of libraries to build Bro if possible. We're 
technically a RHEL shop, so I'd probably be looking at RHEL7.x, but I 
could look at another distro that is more aggressive with running newer 
kernels and software libraries if necessary. Thoughts?


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