[Bro] Reminder: Upgrade your Bro installation! Stability updates in 2.4.1

Doris Schioberg doris at bro.org
Tue May 31 13:17:07 PDT 2016

2.4.1 is not a new release! We just wanted to remind everyone to look at
the version they're running.
Your current version can be seen using "bro --version".

- the Bro team

On 5/27/16 10:26 AM, Doris Schioberg wrote:
> Bro 2.5 is not far away, but in the meantime you should upgrade to Bro
> 2.4.1. This is the latest stable release. If you are running 2.4 the
> upgrade to 2.4.1 won't break your config. This release contains
> important fixes without changing Bro's functionality.
> Check the change log here: https://www.bro.org/download/CHANGES.bro.txt.
> - the Bro team

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