[Bro] script question

Vern Paxson vern at berkeley.edu
Tue Nov 8 23:09:03 PST 2016

> Found an interesting quirk of bro scripting. Not sure if its a quirk or a
> bug.

It's a quirk actually, by which I mean known behavior since I implemented
local variables way back 'n the day.  The philosophical view may have been
that it's confusing to have the same variable name mean different things
inside the same function, so good to avoid that; but I might have done it
simply for implementation convenience, I don't recall which at this point.

Given that it's surprising behavior, and arguably not particularly beneficial,
I wouldn't mind changing it.


> function myfunction()
> {
>     if (T) {
>         local var = "Hello, World!";
>         print var;
>     } else {
>         local var = "Goodbye, World!";
>         print var;
>     }
> }

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