[Bro] 5 node cluster

Darrain Waters dwaters at bioteam.net
Sun Oct 9 08:01:21 PDT 2016

# Serial MAC               ProductCode           Driver   Version

0 482741 00:60:dd:43:84:4a 10G-PCIE2-8C2-2S-SYNC myri_snf Valid

1 482741 00:60:dd:43:84:4b 10G-PCIE2-8C2-2S-SYNC myri_snf Valid

It may not make any difference see below. I will try eth2, and that would
reduce it to the time source default settings on the cards.

myri_snf INFO: myriC0: my ether interface name is eth2

myri_snf INFO: eth2: Will use skbuf frags (4096 bytes, order=0)

myri_snf INFO: Enabling host timestamping.

On Sat, Oct 8, 2016 at 3:56 PM, Azoff, Justin S <jazoff at illinois.edu> wrote:

> > On Oct 8, 2016, at 1:44 PM, Darrain Waters <dwaters at bioteam.net> wrote:
> >
> > Turns out it was a simple config issue (like most times & RTFM), and
> traffic is flowing to snf0. My workers were not using the snf0 interface as
> you must if you compiled using the myricom sniffer.
> Interesting.. which cards and which version of the snf drivers are you
> using?
> I use interface=p1p1 on our clusters and have never had an issue.  As I
> understood things using snf0 was just an alias for 'the first myricom card'
> --
> - Justin Azoff
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