[Bro] Bro with PF_RING receive repeating data packets

Bowen Li newfire.bw at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 01:44:30 PDT 2016

Hi all,
    Recently I have some problems with Bro and PF_RING in cluster.
    On my server, when I have less than 32 worker threads(rings),
everything is okay, but when I use worker threads more than 32, pf_ring
start to receive repeating data packets. For example, rings less than 32, I
send 400000 packets to server and pf_ring info in /proc shows there is
400000 packets in rings, but when rings greater than 32, I can get 800000
packets when 33 rings and 1200000 packets when 34 rings and so on.
    I guess if there is some rules that a pf_ring or a bro cluster can only
support less than 32 rings or worker threads on a server or some other
    Any insight would be helpful.
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