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Azoff, Justin S jazoff at illinois.edu
Thu Sep 8 18:35:26 PDT 2016

On Sep 8, 2016, at 4:14 PM, Patrick Kelley <pkelley at hyperionavenue.com<mailto:pkelley at hyperionavenue.com>> wrote:

Atom is pretty solid and has a bro recognition.  Free doesn't hurt, either.

Oh! Speaking of atom.. I had written a plugin for linter to parse the bro -a output... Apparently it was completely broken after not being updated for a year, but I just re-wrote it from scratch and published it to the atom package site:


With it installed atom will tell you when you save a bro script that has errors in it.

Install linter and linter-bro through the GUI or just run "apm install linter linter-bro".
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- Justin Azoff

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