[Bro] send all logs to kafka

tkg_cangkul yuza.rasfar at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 00:09:37 PDT 2017


i'm trying to using bro kafka plugin to send the bro logs into kafka.
i've a problem to send all the logs type to kafka.

i've set this into my local.bro :

*@load Bro/Kafka/logs-to-kafka.bro
redef Kafka::logs_to_send = set(HTTP::LOG, DNS::LOG, CONN::LOG, 
Known::SERVICES_LOG, Weird::LOG, Notice::LOG);

*but when i check on kafka topic. there are only *http, conn, & dns*.
i've check in my bro logs dir and there are so many types of log.

is there any config that i missed?
pls help.

Best Regards,

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