[Bro] auth_bruteforcing.bro error

ps sunu pssunu6 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 05:23:46 PDT 2017

 I am using below code while running this i am getting below  error from
below area

*if(!auth_success) {*
*                    SumStats::observe("http.auth_errors.attacker",*
*                                      []);*
*                    if ( c?$conn )*


*field value missing [AuthBruteforcing::c$http$cluster_client_ip]*

@load base/frameworks/notice
@load base/frameworks/sumstats
@load base/protocols/http

module AuthBruteforcing;

export {
    redef enum Notice::Type += {
        ## Indicates that a host performing HTTP requests leading to
## excessive HTTP auth errors was detected.
        ## Indicates that a host was seen to respond excessive HTTP
        ## auth errors. This is tracked by IP address as opposed to
        ## hostname.

    # Let's tag the http item
    redef enum HTTP::Tags += {
        ## HTTP status code 401, describing a HTTP auth error
        ## HTTP describing a successful HTTP auth

    redef enum Log::ID += { LOG };

    type Info: record {
        ts:                time        &log;
        uid:               string      &log;
        id:                conn_id     &log &optional;
        cluster_client_ip: string      &log &optional;
        status_code:       count       &log &optional;
        host:              string      &log &optional;
        uri:               string      &log &optional;
        username:          string      &log &optional;
        auth_success:      bool        &log &optional;

    global log_auth: event(rec: Info);

    ## Defines the threshold that determines if a auth bruteforcing attack
    ## is ongoing based on the number of requests that appear to be
    ## attacks.
    const auth_errors_threshold: double = 50.0 &redef;

    ## Interval at which to watch for the
    ## :bro:id:`AuthBruteforcing::auth_errors_requests_threshold` variable
to be crossed.
    ## At the end of each interval the counter is reset.
    const auth_errors_interval = 5min &redef;

    ## Interval at which to watch for the
    ## :bro:id:`AuthBruteforcing::excessive_auth_errors_threshold` variable
to be
    ## crossed. At the end of each interval the counter is reset.
    const excessive_auth_errors_interval = 1min &redef;

    const internal_space: subnet = &redef;
    const public_space: subnet = &redef;

    const ignore_host_resp: set[addr] = { } &redef;
    const ignore_host_orig: set[addr] = { } &redef;

event bro_init() &priority=3
    # Create auth_bruteforcing.log
    Log::create_stream(AuthBruteforcing::LOG, [$columns=Info,

    # HTTP auth errors for requests FROM the same host
    local r1: SumStats::Reducer = [$stream="http.auth_errors.attacker",
                      $threshold_val(key: SumStats::Key, result:
SumStats::Result) = {
                          return result["http.auth_errors.attacker"]$sum;
                      $threshold_crossed(key: SumStats::Key, result:
SumStats::Result) = {
                                  $msg=fmt("HTTP auth bruteforcing from
attacker %s", key$host),
                                  $sub=fmt("%.0f auth failed in %s",
result["http.auth_errors.attacker"]$sum, auth_errors_interval),

    # HTTP errors for requests TO the same host
    local r2: SumStats::Reducer = [$stream="http.auth_errors.victim",
                      $threshold_val(key: SumStats::Key, result:
SumStats::Result) = {
                          return result["http.auth_errors.victim"]$sum;
                      $threshold_crossed(key: SumStats::Key, result:
SumStats::Result) = {
                                  $msg=fmt("HTTP auth bruteforcing to
victim %s", key$host),
                                  $sub=fmt("%.0f auth failed in %s",
result["http.auth_errors.victim"]$sum, auth_errors_interval),

# Make sure we have all the http info before looking for auth errors
event http_message_done(c: connection, is_orig: bool, stat:
    # only conns we want
    local ports_ext: set[port] = { 80/tcp };
    local ports_int: set[port] = { 80/tcp, 81/tcp, 443/tcp };

    if (c$id$resp_h in ignore_host_resp)
    if (c$id$orig_h in ignore_host_orig)

    if (((c$id$resp_h in internal_space) && (c$id$resp_p in ports_int)) ||
((c$id$resp_h in public_space) && (c$id$resp_p in ports_ext))) {

            if (c$http?$username && c$http?$status_code) {
                local auth_success : bool = T;
                if (c$http$status_code == 401) {
                    auth_success = F;
                    add c$http$tags[HTTP_AUTH_ERROR];
                else if (c$http$status_code < 400) {
                    auth_success = T;
                    add c$http$tags[HTTP_AUTH_SUCCESS];
                if(!auth_success) {

                    if ( c?$conn )

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