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ps sunu pssunu6 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 08:21:27 PDT 2017

       i created a bro which will record "client" field  and write it in
dhcp.log,the problem the recording part is working but its not writing into
dhcp file , its creating orig_hostname but its is blank any one help me

below my script

module TrackCONN;

export {
   global host_name_user1: table[addr] of string &synchronized

  redef record DHCP::Info += {

    orig_hostname: string &log &optional; #  take from dhcp hostname
and kerberos host


event KRB::log_krb (rec: KRB::Info)
 if(rec?$client) {
  host_name_user1[rec$id$orig_h] = rec$client;
  #print host_name_user1[rec$id$orig_h];




event dhcp_ack(c: connection, msg: dhcp_msg, mask: addr, router:
dhcp_router_list, lease: interval, serv_addr: addr, host_name: string)

if ( c$dhcp$id$orig_h in TrackCONN::host_name_user1 )
    c$dhcp$orig_hostname = TrackCONN::host_name_user1[c$dhcp$id$orig_h];
    print host_name_user1[c$id$orig_h];
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