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> From: "M. Aaron Bossert" <mabossert at gmail.com>
> Date: April 21, 2017 at 12:15:44 EDT
> To: bro at bro.org
> Subject: Custom log file
> I am using bro 2.5 to process PCAP dumps and am storing both the raw PCAP and the bro logs in Hbase.  I already have an acceptable pipeline for getting both bro logs and PCAP into Hbase, but I want to be able to have each packet linked back to the conn.log entry (using the uid field).
> Currently, I am doing this in Hbase, but would rather have bro do it for me.  Is it possible to have bro create either individual PCAP files for each log entry or a single log file that listed individual packets (presumably with a packet offset in the PCAP file) along with the uid from the conn.log file?
> I saw this option in YAF and was hoping it existed in bro.
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