[Bro] standalone bro performance

Seth Hall seth at corelight.com
Thu Apr 27 11:17:18 PDT 2017

> On Apr 26, 2017, at 1:34 PM, Damian Miller <damian.miller at gmail.com> wrote:
> Does anyone have any more recent performance data for standalone Bro ? The most recent I have found is from 2015 where the conclusion is 3600pps (indicated on page 16) 
> https://www.sans.org/reading-room/whitepapers/intrusion/open-source-ids-high-performance-shootout-35772

I don't believe that it's possible to do comparisons between software like this, but that paper is pretty funny because they are referring to a research paper from 2007.  I suppose you probably remember what computers were like in 2007... quite a bit slower than today.

Please use the assumption that those numbers are wildly wrong now. :)


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