[Bro] using netmap framework of freebsd for installing bro

iraj norouzi zeutech at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 02:56:34 PDT 2017

hi everybody
i try to install bro on freebsd and because of 10G interface and traffic i
need to use of netmap framework of freebsd but firstly after upgrading
freebsd port, it didn't upgrade to bro 2.5.1 so i had to download source of
2.5.1 and use it for installation secondly for installing bro with netmap
framework i found Michael Shirk pdf which mention configure bro with netmap
by --witch-netmap=/usr/src command but there is no --witch-netmap option
for bro configuration, so please help me to install bro on freebsd 11 with
netmap framework.

*Regards,Iraj Norouzi*
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