[Bro] Help with bro scripting exercise question

craig bowser reswob10 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 2 18:19:47 PDT 2017

Hello all, trying to learn bro scripting.  I am working through the
exercises from the 2011 workshop and I'm getting an error.

I'm on this page:

I'm on Pt3 More Advanced Policy Notice running this script:

const watched_servers: set[addr] = {,,
} &redef;

redef Notice::policy += {
	[$action = Notice::ACTION_ALARM,
	 $pred(n: Notice::Info) =
		return n$note == SSH::Login && n$id$resp_h in watched_servers;

And I'm getting an error that says

#bro -r ssh.pcap local advancebro.bro
error in ./advancebro.bro, line 10: unknown identifier SSH::Login, at
or near "SSH::Login"

Is the SSH::Login no longer a valid function?


Craig L Bowser

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