[Bro] broctl startup error

Allen, Brian brianallen at wustl.edu
Thu Aug 31 05:58:55 PDT 2017

That helped!  In broctl.cfg I had to fix this line.  The single quotes were missing.

BroArgs = -f '(net or net’

But now when I start up the cluster (and it does start up which is good) the workers are all running at 100% which is not normal on these boxes.  Should be around 50%  That seems like pf_ring is not running, but I keep checking and pf_ring is installed and loaded.

Hyperthreading is still disabled.  That didn’t change after the upgrade.

What could have changed after the upgrade to cause the cpus to run at 100%?  I still think there is something wrong with pf_ring, but I’m not seeing it.  I just built another BRO cluster for our research network on ubuntu 14.04 servers and got pf_ring and bro running there no problem.

Thanks for your help,


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On Aug 30, 2017, at 6:38 PM, Allen, Brian <BrianAllen at wustl.edu<mailto:BrianAllen at wustl.edu>> wrote:
I just upgraded my BRO cluster machines from ubuntu 14.02 to 16.04.  I just installed the latest version of BRO on the manager.  All the machines in the cluster return this:
$ bro --version
bro version 2.5-294
But when I try to run broctl on the manager to start it up again, I get this error:
$ sudo broctl
Warning: the SitePolicyStandalone option is deprecated (use SitePolicyScripts instead).
Welcome to BroControl 1.7-7
Type "help" for help.
[BroControl] > check
manager scripts failed.
/bin/sh: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

Well, that's a new one.. I wonder if you have a '(' in one of your settings..


broctl config | grep '('


grep '^[^#].*(' -r /usr/local/bro/etc/

return anything?

I was able to reproduce a similar error by adding


to the config.

- Justin Azoff

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