[Bro] Nested modules in /opt/app/bro/share/bro/site/ not working?

Glenn Forbes Fleming Larratt gl89 at cornell.edu
Thu Aug 31 08:39:23 PDT 2017


This may well be an RTFM - I just don't know which section would cover 

I have two modules created in /opt/app/bro/share/bro/site/ , with the 
intention of having one @load the other - but I cannot seem to get the 
combination to work, and I'm unsure even where the failure is.

The @load'ed module, "CU_net_defs", is intended as a shim to some .csv 
files, periodically updated from the central DB which tracks internal 
subnet allocations, which is supposed to instantiate two global sets of 
CIDR's, one for top-level allocations (e.g., and the other 
for internally-allocated subnets (e.g.

The @load'ing module, "bro-wsSMTP", is intended to detect user 
workstations et.al. that have been compromised and are acting as spambots, 
by the following methodology.

   - understand the top-level allocations by @load'ing CU_net_defs;
   - understand an internal set of our e-mail infrastructure hosts and 
networks; and
   - generate logfiles, "ws-smtp.{}.log", containing entries where
        -- id$orig_h is part of a campus allocation;
        -- id$orig_h is *not* part of our e-mail infrastructure; and
        -- id$resp_h is *not* part of a campus allocation.

The final goal is to have the resulting "ws-smtp.{}.log" files fed into 
Splunk for detection/correlation.

The thing is, once I create an expression intended to isolate by way of 
the criteria above, I get no results whatever - even though the data is 
clearly in the normal smtp.log file.

Slightly abridged instances of the module files are appended below. Can 
anyone shed any light on this?

Thanks for any info,
Glenn Forbes Fleming Larratt
Cornell University IT Security Office

===== CU_net_defs/CU_net_defs.bro =====
module CU_net_defs;

     type   IDX: record { cidr: subnet; };

     global CU_subnets: set[subnet];
     global CU_allocations: set[subnet];

event bro_init()
     Input::add_table([$source="/users/bro/devel/DNSDBnc/CU_subnets.txt", $name="CU_subnets",
                       $idx = IDX, $destination=CU_subnets]);

Input::add_table([$source="/users/bro/devel/DNSDBnc/CU_allocations.txt", $name="CU_allocations",
                       $idx = IDX, $destination=CU_allocations]);


===== bro-wsSMTP/ws-SMTP-outbound.bro =====
@load base/protocols/smtp
@load CU_net_defs

module ws_SMTP_outbound;

     global local_mail_infra: set[subnet] =
         [stuff redacted...]


event bro_init()
     Log::add_filter(SMTP::LOG, [$name = "ws-smtp-outbound",
                                $path = "ws-smtp",
                                $pred(rec: SMTP::Info) =
                                     return    rec$id?$orig_h
                                            && rec$id$orig_h in CU_net_defs::CU_allocations
                                            && !(rec$id$orig_h in local_mail_infra)
                                            && rec$id?$resp_h
                                            && !(rec$id$resp_h in CU_net_defs::CU_allocations)


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