[Bro] How to convert name field in smb_files.log to "readable" string?

김수련 sunari1031 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 23:36:12 PST 2017

> On Nov 30, 2017, at 12:18 PM, Seth Hall <seth at corelight.com> wrote:
> I've been thinking about how to handle this for a while.  The data that
> is being written into the log is technically already UTF-8, it's just
> that non-ascii bytes are escaped.
> I think we can deal with this by making a switch for the logs to make
> them "UTF-8".  It would incur a bit of overhead because each string
> would have to be scanned for valid UTF-8 characters before being written
> and then only non-valid bytes would be escaped.
>   .Seth

I see..
So, I need to write non-ascii bytes that are escaped to utf-8.
I want to make the logs to be readable even if it would make a bit overhead.
Is there some sample bro script to do it?
It's hard to do it because I'm newbie about bro script.


2017-12-02 0:00 GMT+09:00 Seth Hall <seth at corelight.com>:

> On 30 Nov 2017, at 13:47, Azoff, Justin S wrote:
> Does the json log writer make this simpler for users?  I think bro writes
>> out valid json for this,
>> so any json parser should give you proper UTF-8 strings.
> It writes out valid JSON but strings aren't handled as well as they
> could.  It's why I was saying that non-ascii bytes are escaped according to
> the json spec, but that has other problems.
>   .Seth
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