[Bro] integrate FPGA\PF_RING supported NIC with Bro - offload

Johanna Amann johanna at icir.org
Thu Dec 28 08:27:23 PST 2017


> > It still seems like speeding up the reading of network traffic to Bro 
> > can get you so far, no other ways of taking some of Bro's processing 
> > and offload them to a network card\ FPGA card ?
> There aren't any code paths in Bro that offload work into any 
> specialized NICs.  It's fairly hard to find the exact right abstraction 
> that would provide some benefit to Bro and still be technically 
> achievable.

to add a bit to this - while there currently is no support (at all) to
offload work into specialized NICs, this actually is one of our research

Our ideas and plans have been documented in a short paper - if you are
interested you can take a look here: http://icir.org/johanna/papers/sdnfvsec17codesign.pdf

If you have any ideas of things that you think might especially benefit
from such acceleration please let me know :)


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