[Bro] Calling external functions in binpac protocol parser

Johanna Amann johanna at icir.org
Thu Dec 28 12:38:15 PST 2017

Hi Shuai,

> (1) I wonder that what's the rationales of removing the binpac files for
> some common protocols (e.g., HTTP, DNS, et al.)? Does current bro
> distribution only include the handwritten protocol parsers for those
> protocols?

The protocol parsers that were removed were incomplete and not used by
Bro. For example for HTTP, which you also mention, the binpac analyzer was
never enabled AFAIK.

> I can find the http-{protocol, analyzer}.pac files have been removed since
> bro-2.2. I checked the CHANGE log but cannot find the explanation.

I assume that since this is not a user-visible change (as I said they
never were used) back in those days we decided this did not warrant a
CHANGE entry :).

If you are still interested into them, you can just get them from the bro
2.2 tarball, there was no further development of them. But - as I said -
note that they never were actually used.

> (2) We create a "general" analytic module that includes APIs (e.g., passing
> a key/value pair) can be called by multiple protocol parsers such as HTTP
> and DNS (essentially we only want the "parser" instead of the whole
> "analyzer" part; that's the reason we are looking for the
> http-protocol.pac).

I assume you are aware that the -parser and -analyzer in binpac is just a
naming convention and all that the -analyzer is is the part that has all
the callbacks into Bro that raises events?

> We develop such module as a plugin, say "Sample::Test" which includes a
> function test_func(...). We have another sample protocol parser including
> following code:
> > type myPDU() = record {
> >     data: bytestring &restofflow;
> > } &byteorder = bigendian & let{
> >     deliver: bool = $context.flow.myFUNC();
> >};
> > flow myFLOW() {
> >     flowunit = myPDU(...);
> >
> >     function myFUNC() {
> >         Sample::test_func(...);
> >     }
> That is, in current sample module we want the external function being
> called when receiving a protocol flow PDU (in &let {...}). So how we can
> get the binpac (protocol parser) recognize the function Sample::test_func()
> written in another plugin Sample::Test? I can see in
> /src/analyzer/protocols, the analyzers can include the functionality from
> another analyzer by including the headers such as #include
> "analyzer/protocols/tcp/...". But when writing the plugins in
> /aux/bro-aux/plugin-support, how can we do that?

Ok, I will give a slightly long answer to this. First - assuming that the
test function is just a c++ function, chances are that you want to develop
it outside of the binpac files - you can e.g. move it into a separate
class that is accessible by everyone. Depending on the things that your
function does, it even might be possible to make it a static function.

The second answer is - since binpac files are only compiles to c++ you
have to do the same thing that the other protocol analyzers do - include
the headers using #include statements. I think you can just use relative
paths from where the files are located, in addition to absolute paths from
the bro base. So - doing something like #include "../your.h" might work

Also note that you probably should not put your plugins into
bro-aux/plugin-support in the first case. Having them in a separate
directory is probably preferable - completely outside of the Bro source

I hope this helps a bit,

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