[Bro] Netmap plugin issue

Deshmukh, Andy deshmukh at slac.stanford.edu
Fri Feb 10 15:43:25 PST 2017

In my case only 5 instances are running per NIC; cannot run 10/NIC as it crashes. I modified the lb_procs to 5 in node.cfg.
However, I am not seeing any packet forwarded or dropped. Do you see that on the running instances ?

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On Feb 10, 2017, at 1:29 PM, Deshmukh, Andy <deshmukh at slac.stanford.edu<mailto:deshmukh at slac.stanford.edu>> wrote:

Yes, the issue was resolved and was able to install the plugin.
However, we have two 10 gig NICs on the Bro worker node and netmap cannot allocate memory for the second interface.

[root at sec-bro04 ]# lb -i em1 -B 1024 -p broem1:10
881.534306 main [637] interface is em1
881.534384 main [658] requested 1024 extra buffers
883.371747 main [772] successfully opened netmap:em1 (tx rings: 512)
883.371818 main [783] obtained 1024 extra buffers

[root at sec-bro04 ]# lb -i em2 -B 1024 -p broem2:10
014.454468 main [637] interface is em2
014.454555 main [658] requested 1024 extra buffers
014.501811 nm_open [920] NIOCREGIF failed: Cannot allocate memory em2
014.501828 main [768] cannot open netmap:em2

I just ran into the same issue. I have an IGB and IXGBE NIC and some of the workers monitoring the IXGBE nic fail to start. From broctl drag:

113.929963 nm_open [920] NIOCREGIF failed: Cannot allocate memory bro}1
fatal error: problem with interface netmap::bro}1 (Cannot allocate memory)

MID_GLR is the IGB and 5 workers started without issue. Only 3 of 10 on the IXGBE interface started:

Name         Type    Host             Status    Pid    Started
MGR_INT      manager x.y.217.48    running   7697   10 Feb 18:08:29
MID_INT_PXY_1 proxy   x.y.5.149     running   7086   10 Feb 18:08:31
MID_GLR-1    worker  x.y.5.149     running   7265   10 Feb 18:08:32
MID_GLR-2    worker  x.y.5.149     running   7270   10 Feb 18:08:32
MID_GLR-3    worker  x.y.5.149     running   7296   10 Feb 18:08:32
MID_GLR-4    worker  x.y.5.149     running   7292   10 Feb 18:08:32
MID_GLR-5    worker  x.y.5.149     running   7302   10 Feb 18:08:32
MID_INT-1    worker  x.y.5.149     crashed
MID_INT-10   worker  x.y.5.149     crashed
MID_INT-2    worker  x.y.5.149     crashed
MID_INT-3    worker  x.y.5.149     running   7331   10 Feb 18:08:32
MID_INT-4    worker  x.y.5.149     crashed
MID_INT-5    worker  x.y.5.149     running   7339   10 Feb 18:08:32
MID_INT-6    worker  x.y.5.149     running   7345   10 Feb 18:08:32
MID_INT-7    worker  x.y.5.149     crashed
MID_INT-8    worker  x.y.5.149     crashed
MID_INT-9    worker  x.y.5.149     crashed

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