[Bro] Netmap plugin issue

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Sun Feb 12 05:45:26 PST 2017

[ n00b.  well i ran bro over a decade ago. ]

a ganeti cluster running ganeti 2.15 on deb8 and ubuntu16

i run bro in a vm on one of the nodes.  as it is on the bridged lan, it
sees all the traffic to all vms whose primary is on the same node.
this is sweet.  but i want to see the traffic to the vms whose primary
are on the other nodes.

so what is the minimial hack i can run on other nodes to stream pcaps
to that bro instance so that the whole cluster is feeding to one bro
instance?  i would prefer a simple hack to run on the host opsys, but
could create more guest vms iff i had to.

the cluster has a second inter-node lan i could use to avoid pcapping
the pcap transport.

[ no, i prefer not to mirror off the switch ]


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