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Izik Birka Izik.Birka at hot.net.il
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Any help ?

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Can I add utf-8 encoding to bro ?
Is there other option ?

 I'm forward the log file to SIEM system , and it's not readable in that way


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> On Feb 14, 2017, at 2:36 AM, Izik Birka <Izik.Birka at hot.net.il> wrote:
> Hi
> Just enable SMB analyzer , works great
> I have a problem with the Hebrew language , it's looks like it's not supported , I'm getting  this files name in log file :
> Test\hello\\\xd7\x92\xd7\x99\xd7\x95\xd7\x9c \xd7\x9b\xd7\x9e\xd7\x95\xd7\xaa\xd7\x99.csv
> The \\\xd7\x92\xd7\x99\xd7\x95\xd7\x9c - is Hebrew words 
> is there a way to fix it ?

That's just an escaped utf-8 string:

>>> s='Test\hello\\\xd7\x92\xd7\x99\xd7\x95\xd7\x9c \xd7\x9b\xd7\x9e\xd7\x95\xd7\xaa\xd7\x99.csv'
>>> print s
Test\hello\גיול כמותי.csv

(or in python3)

>>> s=b'Test\hello\\\xd7\x92\xd7\x99\xd7\x95\xd7\x9c \xd7\x9b\xd7\x9e\xd7\x95\xd7\xaa\xd7\x99.csv'
>>> print(s.decode('utf-8'))
Test\hello\גיול כמותי.csv

- Justin Azoff

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